Water Sports

  • Ski

    Some basic instructions are given by us and you can test your stamina. Don’t be afraid! Beginners or experienced you are all welcome at SkiClub 105.

  • Couch

    The couch is the most well known of water games and it is the best choice during hot summer days. Come and have fun with us, let’s lift the adrenaline level and joy to the top.

  • Banana / Water Plane

    Banana doesn’t require special equipment, just a life vest, team spirit, your swim suit and a good mood. That’s all you need to laugh and enjoy yourself.

  • Rings

    Rings are also a well known water game,equally appealing to all ages.Equip with courage and good mood ,try and you will always remember us.

I couldn't images to allow my kids doing water sports.. but Ski Club 105 made me feel safe and now I have some wonderful photos with my kids on banana!
Anthi Marthina